Thursday, July 03, 2008

Surfer Dude's a Commuter

I've seen this guy a couple of times, sometimes by himself (like above, last night) and sometimes with another surfer, and usually struggling against the flow of the river. It looked lot of hard work, and last Tuesday we wondered as we glided by in our kayaks "who's the surfer dude?".

Apparently he's just doing the daily commute down to the City and back - his way. Not sure how it would work with briefcase, suit, and on way home bags full of shopping. Anyhow, full story here.


Katinka said...

I'm impressed by his stamina and fortidue, but wonder how well that idea would take off in the winter months...!

JP said...

Yes - its hard enough with paddles!

And in the dark and cold of winter brrrrr!!!!!!!

What ever next - commuters swimming down the Thames?