Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back from sailing.... where?

Just got back from sailing and no rest as busy this weekend so no time for more than a brief post. Ands its another weekend puzzler, namely to work out where I was sailing.

Clue one is that it was in the Med, and the second clue is above.

This is a very female friendly quiz, as there is a huge gender divide on this topic.

Most blokes will at this point hear a wooshing sound as it goes over their head, and they are the lucky ones as those that do get it will probably be shuddering at the memory.

Alas sailing in the area there was no escape as the music above was pumped out at a moments notice.


charlsiekate said...

You were in the Ionian Sea, Kephelonia and Lekethria and Corfu and those islands I can't remember their names.

Ahh. So jealous. I spent a week on Kephelonia a few summers ago and it was the most beautiful place I've ever been.

JP said...

Right country, wrong sea!

It was the Aegean islands on the East of Greece.

And it was pretty good sailing - very beautiful islands.