Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sailing in Greece - Ionion vs Aegean

None of us on the boat had sailed the Aegean sea before.

We had all at one time or other sailed in the Ionian sea - myself once about twenty years ago a few few years ago while "the girls" as they were known had both worked as flottila skippers there for a season or two for one of the big sailing holiday firms.

And to be honest none of us would go back as it was just what a sailing holiday in Greece should be. Isolated bays or little harbours with white painted houses, mooring up with plenty of spaces just along side a row of tavernas, good food, local fish from the clear waters.

Ok it was at its best, being warm yet not high season as the schools hadn't broken for the long summer break. But in the Ionian even at this time of year the marinas would have been packed.

For the record the route below was about 160 nautical miles and we stopped at Oreoi, Koukounaries, Steni Vala, Skopelos and Pigadhion.

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