Monday, June 29, 2009

Sailing in Greece - what and where

This is the boat we were sailing. No, not that one (which is for sale - check the sign), the one on the right (which is for sail - groan, sorry about that).

It was an Oceanis 423 with three double cabins and three heads, and I had an on-suite all to myself which is just plain decadant after previous hot bunking in cot bunks.

And we didn't even do any overnight passages nor needed a watch system. Felt a bit like a holiday!

Ok, it was a holiday.

It was a Sunsail bareboat in the Greek Aegean sea, and we pottered around the islands as in this Google Earth pic:


O Docker said...

Dammit, JP. I was having an almost productive afternoon, bunkered away in my windowless, climate-controlled cubicle, just about to start on the project I've been putting off all day, and you had to go and post that.

And the 423 is the one with the automatic pin-setter in the bowling alley, I believe.

Tillerman said...

Mama Mia!

JP said...

Alas O' Docker there is many a picture of yachts and crystal clear water to come.

The 423 is the one with the big fridge that holds *a lot* of cold beers.

Luckily for Tillerman (and indeed you too O Docker) this blog does not have associated music so you will be spared the mamma mia sound track.