Saturday, August 29, 2009

Group Writing Challenge - Updated

Update on the group writing competition set a couple of days ago.

Background here, but basic exercise is as follows: imagine you had to create the ultimate YourBlog Experience! that captures the essence of what your blog is about and which your audience might possibly be convinced to pay to do.

My contribution can be found here and Carol Anne's over on Five O'Clock Somewhere.

Any more out there?

Update: yes! Tillerman's great entry (count me in!) called "The Laser Experience" as well as promising us:
  • Proper Course: The Dating Agency!
  • Proper Course: The Haiku Composition Weekend!
  • Proper Course: Pole Dancing for Beginners!


Tillerman said...

Proper Course: The Laser Experience coming soon.

Tillerman said...

Here it is. Proper Course: The Laser Experience!.

JP said...

Very good!

Gold stars to Tillerman and Carol Anne :)