Friday, March 05, 2010

Natural Navigation - the book

Ok, disclosure time, Tristan is a friend who I met when sailing the Atlantic.

But I've just got my copy (paid, from Amazon) and it looks brilliant so can't wait to get into it and I'm sure you'd enjoy it too.

Review to come shortly after finish it ....


Tillerman said...

I love his blog. I think it may have been you that made me aware of it. Look forward to reading your book review.

JP said...

Review to come.... after read it after finish book currently reading.

The Natural Navigator said...

Hi Cap'n JP,

Just to say a big thanks for helping to get the word out there. It is proving to be an interesting and fun time on the book front. It sold out on Amazon in 48 hours - more stock on the way - and the official marketing/publicity doesn't start for another fortnight!

Judging from my web traffic stats, your blog readers have been a part of this so a massive thanks to you and your readers.

Hope you enjoy the book!

All the best,


JP said...

You're welcome :)

Hope family all well