Friday, March 12, 2010

What makes a good club member?

I'm re-posting this picture for three reasons.

Firstly it's a nice picture of Wayfarer with asymmetric up on the Thames.

Secondly to honour O'Docker's detective work.

Thirdly because it comes from a sailing club I'm not a member of, and that is a bit of a relief.

The thing is I'm not a very active member of either the sailing or kayaking clubs I'm a member of. The emails come popping into my in-tray at regular intervals, telling of successful trips here, plans for voyagers there, and always the call for help.

And there are people out there who are club regulars who are always out on the water, not just sailing and kayaking but training and safety boats, cleaning out the boat shed and organising the racing.

I have friends who row who are in the gym what looks like all the time and then out on the water a couple of times per weekend. While I'm impressed by their dedication that doesn't feel right for me.

Apart from the fact that its cold and dark there, work sends me to travelling at irregular intervals, there are relatives to visit and entertain, nephews, nieces and godsons with birthday's to entertain, and I made a resolution to do more non-blog related writing.

And, oh yes, I have a blog to update, a blog about the sailing and kayaking I'm not doing. Hmmm.... something not right about that sentence.......

Though on reflection I've decided that maybe I'm actually the perfect club member, as I pay my dues but don't wear out any club boats.

That's my story, and for this evening at least I'm sticking to it.


Greg and Kris said...

I'm near perfect, myself, then. I'm not wearing out any chairs at club functions and always bring and extra beer to share when I'm done sailing.

O Docker said...

Always a special honor to be honoured.

Pat said...

The boats are there to be worn out. The life of a club is its activities. car.

In my club, I want the members to show up, volunteer, offer constructive suggestions, and play nice.

For bonus points, they can bring prospective sailors to our activities, actually try to learn the racing rules, and not foul me at the start.

JP said...

Yup, I should wear out the club boats a lot more.

But as posted just now, keep getting distracted :(