Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pirates on the Thames!

Am I being followed by Johnny Depp?

In August I go sailing in Cornwall and what do they say but Johnny Depp is in the county filming the next in the series of "The Pirates of the Caribbean".

Then I go across to east London looking for pirate's ending place and tidal stories (to be posted when get time) and what do I discover? He's in Greenwich again for filming and the next instalment of the series is called "On Stranger Tides" - co-incidence?

Then I head home and what do I learn? Johnny Depp is commuting up the river to west London!!

Ok, he's actually going by boat to the Battersea heliport to fly away to his house in the south of France, but still, that's pretty close!!

It's a message! - either that, or the stress of the last four weeks overwork has finally pushed me over the limit and I should now go and lie down in a dark room.

Yes, on reflection its probably the latter..... I better go now.


bonnie said...

Don't worry, it's not you. Johnny Depp is just everywhere, that's all. He was in Hawaii when I was there. I didn't see him but I saw his pirate ship.

michael b said...

Some time on the water might be appropriate...


JP said...

Michael - that *was* the plan for yesterday as it was a lovely evening and a paddle up (or down) the Thames was planned. Alas one of the many projects at work had another crisis that kept me at my desk until far too late to join the kayakers :(

Bonnie: He does get around does he. Must admit I haven't seen him either, he's just been a topic of gossip. You never know, after all this build up, I might actually see the next instalment as gave up after POTC 2