Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sea Change by Michael Martin

The tides are an ever present reality for those sailing in the waters around Britain. We have some of the greatest ranges in water level in the world and it has a dramatic impact on the coastline as shown in these photos by artist Michael Martin.

Sea Change is a series of pairs of photos, one at high water and another at low water, exploring how the landscape is changed and how that effects how us humans behave. Most were taken during springs when the contrasts are at their greatest.

A beautiful and strangely moving set of photos, and I look forward to seeing the exhibition in September.

Photos: by Michael Martin from here.


bowsprite said...

it is so special there, like no where else I have ever seen. Although, I only have seen it from the french side. Does that count? Maybe not. There is SUCH a world of difference between the New York side of the river and the Jersey side.

JP said...

Cornwall and Brittany are very similar in character so I'd have thought if you'd seen the tidal ranges there it would be similar to those this side of the channel.