Wednesday, February 01, 2012

SS Robin wins funding

In amongst the plastic mega yachts of the London Boat Show show there was a silhouette across the other side of the docks that caught my eye in the late afternoon light.

It was the SS Robin, a relic was from another age, built by the grand sounding Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company way back in 1890 on the banks of the River Lea.

She is a coastal steamer and is considered so important she is in the core collection of the National Historic Ships Register, up there with the Cutty Sark and HMS Belfast.

And today it was announced that she has won nearly a million pounds of funding to complete her restoration together with a visitor centre.

I look forward to inspecting her more closely when they open for visitors.


O Docker said...

Interesting that her engine was only 60 hp and her best speed 10 knots, so she would have been slower that the sailing ships of the day.

JP said...

While slower than the likes of the Cutty Sark probably quicker and more reliable than sailing coastal vessels.

Makes me think of a certain poem by John Masefield......

David Kampfner said...

hi Captain JP, thanks for the post re SS Robin - we do appreciate your support - glad that the discerning enjoyed her during the boat show. We start final fit-out works from March, and plan to re-open SS Robin early next year. Please encourage your followers to keep up to date - and volunteer for our maintenance crew - at and twitter @ssrobin

JP said...

Thanks David, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing her next year.

It looks like being a good 12 months for restoration as the Cutty Sark should be opening soon too.