Sunday, April 22, 2012

London Kayakathon 2012

There's so much going on in London its impossible to keep up.

Apparently back in 2010 someone had the great idea of having a kayaking marathon on the Thames on the same day as the London Marathon. This year was the third outing, but the first I've caught: no doubt the previous two either missed or pigeon holed as just yet another group out on the river.

It's called a "Kayakathon"  which to be honest sounds a little close to the "Jubilympics" of the wonderful "Twenty Twelve" docu-comedy just finished on the Beeb.

Anyhow congrats to all of those taking part and in particular well done for avoiding getting run down by Kingwood (above).

There is that little voice in my head saying that as the river is tidal the distance through the water isn't 26.2 miles but I've just told it to shut up its all about raising money for charity and I didn't see you heading out on the water!

"So its all good then!" (*)

(*) my favourite quote from Twenty Twelve which I'm rather enjoying using at random but vaguely appropriate moments


Tillerman said...

What's a docu-comedy? Is that the same as a comedentary?

JP said...

According to Wikipedia the correct word is "Mocumentary" but I'm going to stick with docu-comedy as its my blog.

bonnie said...

That's quite a crew!

ejwool said...

You want to be more positive JP!! This sounds awesome... why so negative? Maybe try leaving your desk and experience a challenge and you'll appreciate the effort that goes into events like this!! Cheer up JP:)

JP said...

Thanks ejwool - that's good advice.

Certainly don't want to appear negative as the organisers did a great job.

Hopefully this summer I'll have a challenging sail of my own.