Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Thames Rowing Club

I was walking the Thames path recently when I heard a familiar voice barking orders out on the river.

It was a cox of a woman's eight, out doing their training. The question was - as I don't actually know any coxes, how could it be familiar?

The answer was I'd recently seen this video of the Thames Rowing Club's women's eight winning the Head of River Race (HORR). But how could I be sure it really was the same person?

Then she used the catch phrase "stand up!" - which if you watch the video you'll recognise.

The TRC has also been getting the attention of the likes of the Telegraph and the Nautica marketing team, as in this article.

The article talks about getting up at 5 am and how the club includes Olympic rowers.

Maybe all that helps explain the HORR win.

Picture from: the Telegraph here.

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