Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Titanic remembered at the NMM

Today is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, proving yet again that ice and ships are a bad combination.

Its one of those stories for which interest seems to grow with time rather than decrease, and so you have a choice as to which Titanic exhibition you go to.

One such is at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, which I visited when I was there for the Nelson's Victory in a Bottle meeting.

To be honest titanic is not the word I'd use, as its a single room show, concentrating on some of the huge amount of material gathered by Walter Lord when researching the incident for his book A Night to Remember.

On display are the very shoes that were worn by one of the survivors, Edith Russell, a fashion writer. Its a spooky connection to that fateful voyage.

There's also the telegram she sent to New York from the Carpathian telling of her rescue:
There's been a cold northerly wind here today, but that must have been nothing compared to the deadly icy waters that killed so many on that tragic night.

A sombre thought that makes me glad to be warm and safe indoors.


O Docker said...

There are some for whom icy water and boats mean adventure - and no, it's not who you think.

JP said...

That's true, indeed I've just finished a book about icy water and boats which will blog when get round to it.