Friday, June 15, 2012

Helsinki's sea fortress: Suomenlinna

What's this? A ship appearing from the mists? Could it be the enemy?

Man the guns!!
Take aim....
Requesting permission to open fire!

Actually these pictures are from the sea fort off Helsinki called Suomenlinna. It hasn't exactly won glory in battle: when it was attached by an Anglo-French fleet in the Crimean war it apparently had the wrong sort of guns or something.

Anyhow its a highly recommended excursion 20 minutes or so boat ride from the city. Some more pictures below, starting with the big dry dock that was meant to be full of old sail boats but wasn't:


bonnie said...

Hi! We spent Thursday here, it was LOVELY. Glorious boats. Loved the drydock (which DID have some boats in it, pics soon), loved exploring the tunnels, loved the trumpeter on the church tower at 9 pm, loved the pasta with smoked salmon at the cafe by the marina, and drooled over all the gorgeous wooden boats. Also they had toothbrushes which was very nice after 2 days of using chewed twigs after my toothbrush got left on Elisaari.

JP said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories!