Tuesday, June 12, 2012

iPhone vs DSLR

I was standing on the shoreline this evening looking out at the Gulf of Finland and there was this rather nice old boat sailing by.

I took a picture with the iPhone (above) and then with a Canon 550 DSLR with 300 mm lens (below) to see what how they compared to help Tillerman with his question.
While the DSLR might be heavier there is a good reason why I lug it around.


Tillerman said...

Excellent example. Just what I was looking for.

So I guess the message is that the iPhone can do a digital zoom on a subject in the distance, but the resolution will be so low that the image will be very grainy?

JP said...

There are two problems with the iPhone:

1. The scene (i.e. the boat) only extends to about 100 pixels for the iPhone rather than 2,000 odd for the DSLR picture

2. There is much more noise on the iPhone's image than the DSLR. This is due to the sensor being smaller so the is less light being received per pixel.