Thursday, January 09, 2014

London Boat Show 2014: the boats

You can't have a boat show without boats - I'm pretty sure about that. And even though the London Boat Show seems to be shrinking year by year there are still plenty of good boats to check out.

For starts, out on what once were the London Docks was a couple of classic boats. Above is the fire boat the Massey Shaw all powered up and there was no takers in its water fight challenge. The Massey Shaw was build in 1935 and saw service in WW2 at both Dunkirk and also the blitz in London, most likely around these very docks.
Further down the quay was the motor tug Kent:
There was also a Challenge 72 and the Thames barge Melissa (I so want to sail a Thames barge);
Inside was one of those cross-oceans rowing boats, here the Coxless Crew:
Sounds much too much like hard work for me but good luck to all four rowers

If I had a magic wish to go on any boat at the show then my choice would be this Extreme 40:
To quote Jeremy Clarkson "MORE POWER!!"

And it appears I'm not the only one as none other than Sir Ben Ainslie is including sailing Extreme 40s in his busy schedule.


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