Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ice Skating at Hampton Court

London is spoilt for choice when it comes to Christmas ice rinks, many at spectacular locations, and over the last few years I've been trying them out.

I only go once or at most twice a year and each year there's a lot of wobbling before even more wobbling and hesitant steps. Ice skating isn't really my thing.

But back in 2012 when skating at the Tower I had this bad fall and damaged the ligaments around my lung, which I really don't recommend, and I was determined not to let it put me off.

So I went down to the highly impressive Hampton Court which was Henry VIII's pad and you could see why he'd want to invite his many girlfriends back to it:
It's on the non-tidal part of the Thames in London and the recent storms meant the river was high and rushing, flooding the banks:
Even though these three photos show a clear sky it did actually rain during the skating session, but only for a short time.

But I didn't mind that: any skate you don't end up in A&E I'd call a good one.


O Docker said...

Nice pix!

With the new camera?

JP said...

With the new phone, the Nexus 5, and I've been quite pleased with its camera.

Battery life however is still shocking and taking photos seems to really drain it.