Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time to say goodbye to Sitemeter?

I recently posted about strange sounds coming from my blog and have been continuing to look into the possible source.

I had a look at the underlying html (in Chrone its right click on the relevant component and then "Inspect element") and there was some unexpected links in the Sitemeter section, including something called vindicosuite.

I had a google of "Sitemeter" and "Vindicosuite" and found this blog post about how Sitemeter has been taken over by a more aggressive advertising company, and some of those sounds have been advertising like, e.g. Visit Jersey!

So I took out the Sitemeter link and touching wood haven't had the problem since.

In addition I have just heard it while visiting "Hear the Boat Sing" which also uses Sitemeter, and having checked its html there was a link to Vindicosuite there too.

Things change. Technorati has gone - should we say goodbye to Sitemeter too?


Tillerman said...

Good sleuthing Sherlock.

I checked my site source code too. I have site meter but not vindicosuite. At least not yet. But if I start hearing things that go bump in the night I will know where to look.

Sitemeter has been acting strangely of late though. There are some obvious errors in the way it reports usage.

my2fish said...

Nice detective work, JP. I'll check my sitemeter stuff as well.

Baydog said...

Ok, I admit it. I'm behind the 'visit Jersey' messages

JP said...

It sounded like Jersey the island but could be wrong.

Note the Vidicosuite link is in the html generated when rendering the blog page not the copy and pasted code in the blogger settings widget for counters.

O Docker said...

Have you done anything to anger the political powers of Jersey? If Jersey is anything like New Jersey, that could affect the traffic to your blog.

JP said...

This Jersey is known for its clotted cream and potatoes.

For the sake of general peace and prosperity can I just say that Jersey clotted cream and Jersey potatoes get the JP thumbs up seal of approval as highly recommended clotted cream and potatoes for all my blog readers.

JP said...

Bad news Baydog, just heard adverts for Old Jersey on your blog.