Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do you dream of sailing?

Last night I dreamt of sailing. For all those amateur dream psychologists out there, this is what happened.

Together with my brother-in-law and a few friends we had chartered a yacht and were having a fun afternoon sailing around the Solent or somewhere similar. Then we found there was a spinnaker on board and so decided to give it a go. I showed them how to rig it, found the guys and sheets, and was all ready to give the go for a hoist.

But the water was so busy, not just with boats but even swimmers, we were always dodging around them and never got a nice clean run downwind in which to hoist. At which point, frustrated, I woke up.

So what's that all about? The daily sardine packing in London's commuter system finally getting to me?

So how about you? Any sailing dreams that have got you wondering?


Tillerman said...

According to, "To see a sailor in your dream, signifies your desires for adventure, freedom and exploration. You may be ready to venture into deeper waters, particularly in personal relationships."

JP said...

Or does it mean this?


To see a large, rapidly moving fleet in your dream, signifies a hasty change in the business market."