Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Olympic Rower killed by Weil's Disease

Shocking news today that Britain's double Olympic rower Andy Holmes has died after contracting Weil's disease. This is a water borne bug that can go from infected animal urine into the system if you drink polluted water or have a cut.

According to the BBC it kills 2 to 3 people a year and infects 60 - 70, more than I expected. I've heard warnings of Weil's disease so many times without hearing anyone who suffered from it that began to take a relaxed view on it: clearly that was wrong.

One reason I probably haven't encountered it is that the bug likes stagnant water, not flowing tidal ways like the Thames. According to the Guardian he died after sculling in Boston.

Lets be careful out there.


Tillerman said...

Yikes. I had heard of the disease too but it's so rare to hear of a death from it.

By the way, the article says he became ill after a sculling event in Boston (not Bolton.)

JP said...

Thanks - just corrected.

Yup, bit of shock to hear Weil's really is a killer.

Anonymous said...

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