Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two super-yacht videos and a question

J-Class Bicentenary 2015 from J Class Association on Vimeo.

So I was watching the video above and had this thought.

It's a great video of its type, full of clips of beautiful Js racing along the Solent. But it's a very traditional view of sailing, jackets and ties on the lawn of an exclusive club, full of.... shall we say "seniors"? That hat at 03:47....

Was this sort of thing, I wondered, the best way to attract new-comers into sailing? Would it, rather, give the wrong impression: that there are barriers and that socialising isn't open and inclusive?

Then today I was surprised, not for the first time, by finding out that a non-sailing colleague knew all about S/V Delos, and others like them on YouTube, enjoying videos such as this one:

Go Brady and Josje!

The Delos crew are doing a fantastic job - great videos and sailing, with some sweet world cruising, very different from the profile of a traditional yachty.

And I wondered, have you too been surprised by discovering that someone you know who you didn't think was into sailing has enjoyed these videos?


Tillerman said...

Not those particular videos.

But my 22 month year old grandson, Andrew, went wild with delight when I showed him the video of I-14s racing in the Gorge from my blog a few days ago. "Boats! Boats! Boat!" he kept saying.

I think he is going to inherit my RS Aero one day and win the RS Aero gold medal in the Olympics in 2036.

JP said...

As Buff would no doubt say, "what ever floats your boat"

Tillerman said...

Exactly. As I have written about somewhere before, there are so many different kinds of sailing and different types of sailing appeal to different people.

I was slightly amused to see a recent top 20 sailing blogs list that included nothing but cruising blogs. What a narrow view of the sport of sailing!

Speaking personally I do like to watch the J-Class yachts racing. We had a chance to see them racing in Newport a few years ago. But cruising doesn't appeal to me at all - and I don't find most cruising blogs and vlogs all that interesting.