Sunday, September 13, 2015

Great River Race 2015: Sassi says its "oarsome!!!" (geddit!?)

Hi Guys,

OMG, you GRR guys ROCK! I mean - those outfits, they were totally awesome - or should that be oarsome - GEDDIT!!!

Take the Ooo....PS above: abs. fab. guys!!! Way to like totally commit!!!

And ladies of Cam - I love, love, love the look! Feathers and masks!!! Count Sassi in!!
Just what you need for a Venice Ball - am I right?????
More great hat action here:
Alas not everyone was pulling their weight, as can be seen by this photo:
Now Pigs going to ham was TOTALLY in the spirit of things but St Quentin, would an Edwardian jacket and boater be too much to ask?? Hmm?

Of course its not all about hats - there's also SELFIES!!!
Main thing to remember is that everyone who finished is a winner!!!

(but some are more stylish than others!! - and as for JP, just DON'T ASK. Fashion d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r.)

Luv yah!!

Sassi xxx

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