Thursday, October 22, 2015

JP's trip to Greenwich - in video!!

Recently JP returned to Greenwich, taking his camera with him, and you can see (above and below) two of the photos taken.
But what about videos, you might (possibly) be asking? When are we going to see S/V Delos style YouTube clips? And why not start by recording this, the historic maritime heart of London?

Fortunately there is already a video that captures JP's visit if you are prepared to make a few, very minor, mental editorials as you watch it, starting with the gender and age of those involved plus the additional points listed below.

Note that:
  • There was no skipping, dancing, prancing, posing, jumping or spinning around
  • There was a lot less hair, which was not curly but had the odd touch of grey
  • There were no sun glasses or bikes
  • There were no ice cream vans
  • There were no friends present
  • There was definitely no singing
  • There was no jewellery, bracelets, crop tops [Ed: is that right???], skirts, floral outfits, painted nails etc. etc.
  • There was a lot less leg on display (none actually)
  • There was no retro cine camera or hoops
  • There was no "alternative" approaches to purchasing flowers
  • There were no flowers given away as there were no flowers
  • There were no fans, selfies, laughing or waving
  • There were no lottery tickets or money taped to parking meters
  • There were no records, hats, balloons, rescue shelter visits, kittens or cat food
  • There were no dogs 
  • There were no piggy-backs what-so-ever
  • There were no free high-fives or cute post-it notes
  • There was no ice cream
  • There was no chocolate sauce or signs
  • There was absolutely no hand stands
  • There were no cycle rickshaws
  • The sun wasn't actually setting
Hmmm.... maybe this approach to videos isn't such a good idea after all.


Baydog said...

JP, most cell phones have video capability....I'm sure yours would have been much more educational. Odd touch of grey. LOL

JP said...

I suppose its a blog style thing, I've not got into video that much and can see those like Delos that do have a very high standard so happy to stick with text and photos.