Thursday, December 22, 2016

My boat is bigger than yours

There were a lot of very big boats on display in the marinas of Barcelona.

It might indeed give some inferiority complexes, sailing in front of such a line-up of mega plastic- fantastics; gin-palaces rising like a layer cake.

But worry not, for the owners of these up-market caravans were dwarfed by this:
This was Abramovich's super-duper, mega-hyper floating HQ, Eclipse, all of 163m long, making all the others look like toys.

But even he has to accept its no longer the longest in the world, a prize taken by the 180m long Azzam.

According to Wikipedia, both yachts are official available for charter (though maybe not), noting that this is because they aim "avoid European taxation (charter yachts are exempt from property tax)".

Extremely rich people avoiding tax.... to misquote Casablanca:

"I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling tax avoidance is going on here"


Tillerman said...

Just boys boasting about the length of their thingies.

JP said...

Thingies? Do you mean hands?

You might have noticed a change: with blogs, as in with boats, bigger is better