Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The 2017 University Boat Race

There's a great atmosphere in Putney on Boat Race day.

Out on the water officials are getting ready - or, by the looks of it, enjoying the sun, checking their social media and having a bit of a feet up rest.

On land there's that all important ceremony: the official Carrying Of The Welly Boots:
 Can't imagine how I didn't manage to see that at earlier races.

There's a friendly spirit all round - even the police boat, best known for their catch-phrase "you're nicked, sunshine" were spotted have a friendly wave to someone or other.
Jolly good. Pimms or bubbly or a good old fashioned pint all round.

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Tillerman said...


Congrats on your "scoop" getting the photo of The Carrying of the Welly Boots.