Sunday, January 21, 2018

London Boat Show: Emma Bamford

I'd met Emma Bamford at last year's boat show and bought her two books about her cruising life, Casting Off & Untie the Lines, which I'd read, enjoyed and reviewed (see this post).

But they left me with the inevitable question about what happened next, so went along hoping to hear there was a third book out that would give answers.

Alas it was just the two books I'd already read available but I had a quick chat afterwards as to what she was planning.

Apparently she is working in sailing journalism in the UK and is writing a novel about yachties in the Indian Ocean arriving at Chagos Islands where there's a baddy and the plot thickens (so to speak). One to look out for ... whenever. Not sure when as it sounded like it might not be available for next year's boat show.

So I left the Boat Show without picking up another book.... ah well, I have a good stack at home.

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