Sunday, April 01, 2018

Transgender ship demands right to be called he

Traditionally all ships have been identified as female but in a shock move this morning a representative of the world's ships has said that in future they want to be referred to as "he".

"Gender is a dynamic concept" he said. "It makes many of us uncomfortable that the sailing community would force one particular gender upon the ships and boats of the world. No longer are all sailors male: now we have women racing in the Volvo and Olympics just like the men."

The move was supported by gender neutral monarch Neptune, who noted that river and sea gods can be either gender and therefore welcomed this introduction of diversity into shipping.

Editors note: following a top-level all-staff meeting involving JP, Sassi and (reluctantly) Buff it was agreed that forthwith this blog will use the gender neutral "it" to describe all boats, ships, yachts, dinghies or other marine craft.


Bursledon Blogger said...

Nice one, presumably the EU trade flagship (telegraph) will have a suitably gender neutral title

JP said...

Yes, I saw that one - and the EU responding with their blue passports gag ;)

Also enjoyed Tristan's:

my2fish said...

great post, JP.

not sure why, but made me think of the mail/male plane joke from The Three Amigos

JP said...

Thanks, yes can see the connection, haven't seen that film for ages