Saturday, June 02, 2018

Books of the Blue Funnel Line - Updated

Previously I've done a post describing books about the Blue Funnel Line but since then I've read quite a few more so thought I'd give an update.

For those wanting to know more about the Blue Funnel Line there is a reasonable range of books on this topic, including those in the photos above and below. I've only reviewed a handful of them, though more might follow in the future.

Company Histories

Three of these books are histories, that set out to record what happened in the company over specific times, and each achieves its goal:
  • Blue Funnel, A history of Alfred Hold & Company of Liverpool, 1865 - 1914 by Francis E. Hyde
  • A Merchant Fleet in War, Alfred Holt & Co 1939 - 1945, by Captain S. W. Roskill
  • The Blue Funnel Legend, A History of the Ocean Steam Ship Company 1865 - 1973, by Malcom Falkus
  • The Blue Funnel Line, issued by Alfred Holt & Company, 1938

Travelogues and Life on Board

These are highly readable descriptions of life on-board a Blue Funnel ship as it travels between Liverpool and the Far East. The first three are particularly of note: the first one is disguised but apparently is S.S. Polyphemus in 1907 and the second an amalgam of several voyages on similar vessels in the 1960s. The third is the description of what is indeed a remarkable life, the first female marine engineer:

Reference Books

Finally there are reference books with lists of ships often with photos:
  • Blue Funnel Line, A Photographic History by Ian Collard
  • Ships in Focus: The Blue Funnel Line by John Clarkson, Bill Harvey and Roy Fenton (below)
  • Ships of the Blue Funnel Line by H. M. Le Fleming
  • Merchant Fleets 6: Blue Funnel Line, by Duncan Haws
  • Blue Funnel & Glen Lines Bulletin: Centenary Edition 1865 - 1965
  • The Blue Funnel Line: A Portrait in Photographs & Old Picture Post Postcards by Terry Moore
Let me know if there are any others out there I should be collecting or if you'd like more detailed reviews.

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