Wednesday, October 31, 2018

This blog is a TEENAGER

This blog has now entered its teenage years, being 13 years old.

In a TV comedy series by the BBC, teenagers were portrayed as slouching around yelling "that's so unfair" and "you don't understand" before rushing off to slam their bedroom doors. That seems rather harsh, as the teenagers I know are remarkably well informed and adjusted, a lot more than this little blog.

Looking back, the top ten posts by number of hits were:
  1. Empty sky, blue sky
  2. The northern lights over Greenland
  3. Fireworks night
  4. The northern lights from deck
  5. Three icebergs
  6. Writing like...
  7. Two years of Land Rover BAR
  8. Preparing for the Queen's Jubilee Regatta
  9. How to Watch a Tower Bridge Lift
  10. Fantastic Rio
Not sure if reading too much into this, but several of these are what I'd call photo posts, i.e. something that could work as well - if not better - on a platform like Instagram. Then again, Instagram wouldn't work for the longer text like posts such as book and exhibition reviews, such as the recent ones about Captain Cook.

But I am quite pleased with these photos, all from the third Greenland trip:

I have a note somewhere that I should write a post about "why I blog" but I can't for the life of me remember what that was to be about.

That is SO unfair.


Tillerman said...

Congratulations! Quite an achievement. Keep on blogging.

JP said...

Thanks for the support! 2597 published posts and counting...