Saturday, January 15, 2022

Remembering Bonnie

This week we lost a blogging friend when Bonnie, behind the Frogma blog, passed on. I never met her in person, but through blogging I felt I knew her and the gap she leaves behind.

Her blog was always interesting, full of her character, kayaking the waters around NY, reporting on that great city, posting pictures of snow, flowers and paddles.

Last night I went out into a local park to do a bit of astro photography, capturing the Orion nebula (above). As the skies slowly turned above me I thought about life, and how quickly it passes. 

People come and people go: appreciate them while you can.

So hello my fellow bloggers. 

I'm glad to be part of your community.


George A said...

RIP Bonnie. IIRC, she would check in with a comment on every now and then on Tillerman's blogspot. Like most bloggers, she carved out her own niche.

my2fish said...

JP, thanks for posting this - so sad to lose Bonnie. I too never met her in real life, but knew her from the blogosphere. She will be missed.