Monday, April 24, 2006

Hot and Cold

Extremes of temperature are no fun for sailors. Unfortunately thats just what two circumnavigations have to put up with.

The Clipper fleet is crossing the north Pacific and experiencing "Heavy blizzard conditions, zero visibility, snow on deck, air temperature below freezing without wind chill factor, 40 knots apparent wind speed, deep reefs & storm sails, and 99% humidity below decks" as it explains here.

Meanwhile Dee Caffari on Aviva is getting close to the Equator on the long treck North to the finish. Conditions on board are stifling hot as she heads towards the doldums, and she is suffering from Panda eyes (above), described in this story.

Meanwhile chez Captain JP the trees are brilliant green and the central heating can be switched off. Spring has finally come!

Image from Yachting World / Aviva


Tillerman said...

Mmmm - snow on the deck - my favorite sailing conditions.

JP said...

I've never been able to get much enthusiasm for races with names like the "Hamble Winter Season"!

Particularly like to sail dinghys only where its warm enough to leave the wet suit at home!