Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hello Everyone

Over at the Proper Course Tillerman raised some questions about what makes a good sailing blog and an interesting post. If you check out some of the many links on his site you'll see that sailing blogging can take many forms, that reflect the range of reasons for blogging.

For some a blog is a diary, a personal record of their lives. For some its a forum to chat, particularly multiply owned blogs. For others its a space to let off steam, while for others its to write op-ed pieces, while for others its to publish their latest story or photograph. Blogs are entering the mainstream, as discussed on the BBC site here.

Given we're not being paid for writing this, the most important thing is the topic interests us enough to spend our time on it. But that might not interest everyone else. Maybe what we need is more blogs with multiple posters which makes it more likely that readers find something of interest. Any takers?

This blog has focussed a lot on races such as the Volvo Ocean Race not just because something happens reasonably often (so there's something to write about) but its of interest to me and hopefully its of interest to others.

But of course we all like the fun topics with humour that are easy to read - unlike the last post which might have been a bit obtuse a topic for many readers.

Writing of personal experience on the water, cock-ups and all, can bring immediacy. But living in London means I only get the chance to sail the odd weekend so only writing about days on the water would make for very irregular posts.

So to all of you out there, blobs on the blogger's map above, hello and thanks for visiting.

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