Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dee's Homecoming

Within the next 12 hours Dee Caffari should cross the finish line to complete her mammouth sail around the world "the wrong way". Having pounded her way against prevailing winds and currents for 180 days she is just hours from completing her task and entering the history books.

Her trusty Challenge 72 might have been slow but its been sure, the steel hull providing sold security when bashing head first against the storms of the southern ocean. For while lighter boats would have been quicker there would have been much greater risk of failure due to breakages.

On her second circumnavigation she has encountered icebergs and giant waves, but also dolphins and amazing skies, shown below with more to be found here.

No doubt we will hear much more about Dee not just in this weekends media blitz, but in the years to come on other boats on other races.

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