Saturday, May 13, 2006

Racing the Volvo

Dee Cafari is only 829 miles from a triumphal return from her single handed sail the wrong way around the world. But she is just making around 200 miles per day so while the Volvo fleet is a much greater 2620 miles out if she is not careful it will end up as a race to the bar for the two events.

The good news is with not one but two major sailing events on the south coast over the next few weeks UK TV will finally give some coverage for the sport that we Brits are secretly quite good at.

Its just as well its happening this month, for in June its the Football World Cup, and anything not involving a ball wouldn't have a hope in hell of being reported.


Thomas said...

Oh my... I've been following Dee all the way around the world. And she's been more than courageous. I simply love they way she sees everything she does onboard. Keep on going, Dee!

And Captain JP: Now I come to comment on your blog, I really love it, too. Unfortunately I don't get to read it very regularely, but when I do, I enjoy it.


JP said...

Thanks thomas, keep visiting, and good luck with your blog!