Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Volvo In The Drink

There are those that say the whole point of the Volvo is to keep the armchair sailor occupied during those long hours when we're stuck in the office doing what we misleadingly call "work". There's nothing like going for a spin around the southern Pacific with Virtual Spectator or doing the rounds of sailing sites and blogs to make the first and last hours go that little bit quicker.

And those helpful people at the Volvo Ocean Race web site understand this and have struck a blow for lower productivity with the launch of a new game - "In the drink" to be found here.

The only relief I can see for our company's productivity is that Captain JP is, to be frank, pretty crap at it and about 2,000 points behind current top scorer Jeroen on 2390!

Ps - is that high scorer any relation to an ex fellow shipmate the "Crazy Dutchman" by any chance?

Graphic from Volvo Ocean Race

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