Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alone at sea

So Soayna has had enough and is heading back to NY, leaving Reid alone to keep going for those 1,000 days at sea.

I am very sympathetic as it sounds like she never got over sea sickness: it must be terrible to be that sick for that long. I have some sailing friends who get sick every time they head out and it amazes me they keep coming back for more: sailing can be uncomfortable, cold and wet which is hard enough but to be sick too.....

I haven't followed the journey that closely (so thanks to frogma for the heads-up) but not because I'm one of those posters on Sailing Anarchy that endlessly takes the micky and belittles what they try to achieve. Its clearly not an easy thing to do!

And the inner space cadet likes the tag about it being like a mission to Mars - a similar duration involving endurance in a confined space.

So I hope Reid manages to keep going. But for a full further two years, by himself - now that really is a challenge.

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