Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sailing - sport or obsession?

It was a quiet evening last night so I ended up watching Wedding Crashers on Film 4. Its not the best film in the world, though the start with all the cashed weddings worked, and the boat (above) looked pretty cool.

One gag was about a couple that was so into sailing that their marriage vows were on the lines of "I take thee to be the first mate / skipper of my life". Ok, not exactly laugh out loud, more of a groan.

But it hits a spot - there are those that can become too narrowly focussed on sailing. It reminded me of the Industry Sailing Challenge race I did many years ago when one of the crew refused to talk about anything not related to the race. After 12 hours of rather single noted conversation time began to drag.....

Sailing is fun, but there is life outside.

Which is just as well given how little sailing had a chance to do recently!

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