Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tillerman Switches to Sunfish Shock!

There was shock in the sailing community when Tillerman announced he was giving up Laser sailing. Indeed some said it was just an April Fool!

However we are lucky to have exclusive evidence that this is no rumour, indeed that Tillerman has not just got himself a Starfish he has also lent it to an A-list celeb.

Our roving reporter Buff Staysail got these pictures of Sir Paul McCartney wooing his new lady love by skimming her across the azure blue of the Caribbean seas.

But what is this we see on the boat's prow? Is it the mark of Blogger's top dinghy sailor? Yes it is, which begs the question how does he know Macca?

Already the news is raising waves of interest around the world. I've just received an email from a mystery correspondent calling herself simply Mrs T who asks "Forget Sir Paul, whats the connection between Tillerman and that floosie?"

Can the answers be more sensational than todays news?

Tune in tomorrow!


Tillerman said...

It's very simple. I was the sixth Beatle.

Tillerman said...

Fans of Sir Paul and long-time readers of my blog will recall that Macca used a Sunfish to woo a new squeeze at least once before.

JP said...

And also this post.

Team Gherkin said...

Egads! Tillerman has turned!


Thanks for making me laugh out loud with this one!

Mal :)