Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Good old Broadstairs!"

Pressure of work (and kayak class) mean will have to ask another guest writer to post an account of this weekends trip further along the coast from Whitstable to Broadstairs. Luckily managed to get the one and only Charles Pooter to give his words on the subject.

Mr Pooter is indeed a legend of the blogging world. His early paper based blog - or "diary" as he called it - recorded his day to day life in north London. He created a whole new style of blog, Pooteresque, which focusses on the minuta of day to day life, recording what he ate and drank.

Take it away Mr P!

Hurrah! at Broadstairs. Very nice apartments near the station. (Ed: sorry, must just point out that Mr P is mistaken - it was actually a day trip)

The landlady had a nice five o’clock dinner and tea ready, which we all enjoyed (Ed: oh dear another mistake. It was lunch at this restaurant where had an excellent Spaghetti a Vongole, though the nephews and neices did take most of the clams, washed down with rather good Pino Grigio. Sorry - really won't interupt any more).

Lupin positively refused to walk down the Parade with me because I was wearing my new straw helmet with my frock-coat. I don’t know what the boy is coming to. (Ed: short one - you can see why from the picture above. I think afterwards Carrie must have had a word because you can see below he's got a more traditional top hat on)

Lupin not falling in with our views, Carrie and I went for a sail. It was a relief to be with her alone; for when Lupin irritates me, she always sides with him. (Ed - alas must have been playing with nephews and neices at the time, so missed that. But did get to see these kayakers head out into rather choppy waters).

I am glad our last day at the seaside was fine, though clouded overhead. (Ed - how right he was ! A lovely day to lie back in the sand and watch the sea gulls fly overhead).

We missed the last train, and had to drive back (Ed: oh no, that's another mistake as the train journey back was just fine. To be honest, not sure Mr Pooter's really been that much of a help as a fill in blogger. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!)

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