Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sailing Goals - What Goals?

Another Tillerman group writing challenge - what are your sailing goals?

Err... bit of scratching head to that one. Seems a bit too organised for a hobby which is by nature more ad-hoc, and having one is slightly against the whole spirit of just doing it for the fun of it.

Though goals are good ways of a) pushing yourself and b) getting that warm buzz of achievement at the end.

But it doesn't seem to work like that. I either go kayaking or, if its raining, not. If someone invites me to go sailing on a cool looking boat I say yes. And if neither are doable head off to see one of the many sights and sounds available in London.

The only specific target I have got is the minor one of catching up with the local dinghy racing club as I've twice missed them - once for being too early and once for arriving as the commodore was jumping into his boat just a few minutes before the start gun.

Maybe its because I'm still working which way to go in sailing - more offshore racing? dinghy racing? crewing? skippering?

So its back to "have fun and try new things" - yup, thats always a good one. I'll stick with that for the goal for 2008.


Tillerman said...

It takes all sorts, and I'm sure that many people in the sailing world have your approach... "just doing it for the fun of it." Thanks for the contribution to the project.

JP said...

Sorry, have couple of non-sailing goals to focus on (mostly but not all work related) so drifting a bit on the water so to speak.

You can only have so many goals at once time being so limited. Also its worth waiting and choosing good goals which don't turn up all the time.