Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hip, thigh, and bum exercises for kayakers

More fun on the Thames yesterday doing various kayak exercises. We jammed those thighs into the hull to get grip and edge in the upstream direction - or as the instructor put it, pointed our bum towards the current. And then rotated around our hips to face downstream while doing those low brace turns.

We were a bit alarmed to hear we'd have to actually roll-over and do an escape in the Thames itself! However the water is definitely warming up and as we keep hearing its a lot cleaner than it looks. But will make sure practice enough in pool so that get back in first time.

Another reason for practising these skills was in the news with the release of the coroners report into the tragic death of a 9 year old girl while canoeing down the River Wye. As the British Canoe Union put it while this accident is a very sad it is also very rare - and no activity can be completely risk free.

But you can certainly reduce the risks by proper preparation and I'd advise any parent to ensure their children have done basic safety training before letting them head onto the water. As well as improved peace of mind it can also be a lot of fun!

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