Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lobsters under cloudy skies

This has happened before.

Saturday morning - after the kayaker's back drama at the pool - started wet, and afterwards I looked out at the heavy grey sky full of clouds that seemed go on for ever and thought its going to be one of those days and headed out with long trousers and rain coats not shorts and sun cream.

For I was off to the Kent coast for a 40th Birthday Beach Party and feared that umbrellas would be in more demand than sausages from the BBQ.

But then the clouds cleared and the sun came out, there was swimming and even one skinny dipper (bravo brave lass!) and by the end of the day fair English skins were stinging and going a rather bring red colour.

The problem is with a fresh wind and frequent clouds you don't notice the heat of the sun - it reminded me of a Round-The-Island race on a cloudy day where I got bad sun burn even though shivering on the rail as the UV still got through.

But it was a great bash with fresh local fruit and lots of bubbly to drink and a lovely location to chat or as above just sit and watch the sea. Whitstable is a great little town with bags full of character and a lots of sailing and with the fresh wind the Darts and Lasers were flying along.

This chap seems a bit more leisurely - probably Tillerman's long lost cousin or something.......

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Tillerman said...

Could be. I do have some cousins who were living in Kent before I long lost them.