Sunday, June 08, 2008

Street Art and Good Food

Just up river from the Telectrascope is the Tate Modern's latest exhibition - though its not actually in the Tate Modern.

In the narrow streets of Southwark, where historic sites like the Globe Theatre rub shoulders with modern offices and derelict housing, can be found a disparate collection of Street Art.

As the Henry Moores at Kew showed, some art deserves to be shown in context out of the confines of white boxes of today's galleries, and street art certainly benefits from being encountered in odd corners of south London.

While this is not in the same league as the sublime Henry Moore exhibition, it was interesting to catch it - especially as it can be combined with that ultimate foodie experience.

For the walking tour of Street Art goes through Borough Market, which is London's oldest (an estimated 2,000 years old - see here!) and best, and to be honest that was the highlight of the afternoon!

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