Saturday, June 21, 2008

There are worse things than getting wet

The lovely British summer brought the rain again. So biking through the rain to the pool for the kayak lesson got wet. In the pool for the kayak lesson of course got very wet.

But there are worse things. Afterwards in the changing room one of the instructors leant down to put on his shoes and his back went, completely, leaving him an agony.

Its one of those most horrid feelings - to see or know someone is in pain and to be unable to do anything. I hope he gets better soon!


Tillerman said...

Ouch. Sounds like the time I did my back in trying to put my socks on. And I thought I was the only one to experience such a ridiculous injury.

JP said...

I've never seen anyone that bad with a back - he really couldn't move even to get in a wheel chair.

Apparently it first went when he did weight lifting and he says he found kayaking good for it as it encourages flexibility.

Sporting injuries don't always come from the obvious - its a bit like a friend who broke a leg skiing when he slipped on a icy step!

Hope your back is ok now

Tillerman said...

Backs are weird. Yes, I'm fine now thanks. Putting my back out last October put paid to my plans to sail with the Newport Frostbite fleet at the end of last year, but after a couple of months of rest (and Laser sailing withdrawal symptoms) I was fine to go sailing again at the beginning of this year.

Maybe I should take up kayaking for back flexibility?