Friday, June 13, 2008

Who's this sailor?

Quiz for Friday evening (or Saturday morning for you Aussies).

Who's this sailor?

He was first mate aboard the three master, the Pharon. On his wedding day to the fair Mercedes he was falsely charged for being a supporter of Napoleon and incarcerated in the dread fortress of Chateau d'If.

What name did he gave himself on his dramatic escape? And what is his titular name? And what is his real name?

And a clue - its a book. And a plea - don't say what happens as I've only got a third of the way through!

No prizes, just glory. And added glory for explaining the picture above.


charlsiekate said...

Best book ever! Seriously, if I could go back and read one book again for the first time it would be the Count of Monte Cristo. I loved everything about it. Dumas is my hero. I liked to movie too, even thought it greatly altered the story in the middle. It was the same sort of idea and the ended was much more idealized in the movie. But the acting was good, the actress who played mercedes was AMAZING.

The Count's real name is Edmond Dantes and his false name was Abbe Busoni.

I couldn't even begin to tell you what happens because it is so complicated and awesome. Let me just say - Enjoy it. Enjoy every page and don't rush it because even though you can read it again, the first time will always be the best.

Happy Reading!

JP said...

Congratulations - right on all counts (groan, sorry pun not intended)!

Yes, its fab, really enjoying it - especially as it is a good solid length which just keeps rolling on.

The boat btw is the brig Soren Larsen which was used in one of the films of the Count of Monte Cristo