Sunday, September 21, 2008

Punting Pic

My kayaking friend R. was asking what is this "punting" that I keep talking about and that, together with another glorious weekend, was excuse enough for another trip to Cambridge yesterday.

Cue much nostalgic walking down the atmospheric alleyways between colleges remembering student days, which now seems too long ago.

You can never go back - but you can still go for a punt, and the backs were as wonderful as ever.

So at the request of Tillerman here's me pole in hand driving the boat forward - and note how its one of the authentic wood ones!

Special bonus prize to the first to name the bridge behind me.


tillerman said...

Looks like Clare Bridge to me.

JP said...

Congratulations - it is!

Your prize is a signed copy of Buff's book "Sailing Backwards". Alas he has yet to complete it or get a publisher but when he does a copy will head your way!

tillerman said...

Aaaaah. I can't wait.

Sailing backwards is a very important skill.

One year I was racing in the world famous Hangover Bowl Laser Regatta at Cedar Point Yacht Club. Every race has different rules such as having to do a 360 on every leg, or you decide whether this race is windward-leeward or leeward-windward, or the "come within chug" race. In one race the finish was downwind but you had to cross the finish line by sailing backwards. If only I were better at sailing backwards I would have won that race!

Ah well. Always next year.

JP said...

It was one of the lessons on the Laser tutorial at the Sunsail holiday I was on 2 years ago.

My teenage nephew seemed pretty good at it - I should have taken lessons from him!