Monday, September 08, 2008

US Election - Update

There has never been anything like it! the US election continues to show its ability to bring surprises and controversy.

We have been following the twists and turns closely and the policy proposals from both sides. But what have they to say about sailing? How would they help the US team win more sailing medals in the 2012 Olympics?

Our roving reporter, Buff Staysail, was lucky enough to get EXCLUSIVE interviews with the three leading candidates back in March, namely McCain, Clinton, and Obama. The views of each of these remain on record, and can be found here.

But now its September, there is under 60 days to go, and the two remaining competitors have chosen their running mates. So we sent ol' BS out to the conventions, to ask both Palin and Biden what they would do to help the USA Sailing Olympics team.

Take it away Buff!

BS: Hi JP, Buff here, Buff by name and Buff by nature. Isn't she great! I mean I actually got to talk to her! And she talked about sailing - just listen to this:

Sarah Palin:

Well, G'day to ya! How ya' doing?

Can't say I've done much of this sailing - I'm a hunting and fishing gal myself.


But these Democrats say that someone like me from small town America can't sail and shouldn't represent our country at the Olympics!


I won't say anything about bad about this Tunnicliffe women - though her name sounds funny and foreign, European even - but is she a real American?

We want someone with American values, who knows what life is like as working mother, taking the kids to hockey, someone who isn't a cosmopolitan east coast intellectual.

Or elitist - 'cos this Anna woman seems to think that she is better than anyone else!


So I propose that in 2012 we send a sailing team that represents this great country, a hard working woman like me from Middle America.

Our candidate for the Laser class in the next Olympics can only be - Marge Simpson!


BS: See JP - she's the one for me! Marge! Sailing in the Olympics! Isn't that inspired! Who can knock the mom-next-door?

BS: I was lucky to be there at the Democratic convention to hear the great speeches. Obama - the tears are still in my eyes...

JP: Er, Buff, what Biden say about sailing?

BS: .... and then to see both Clintons of the stage...... healing wounds...... single voice..... though as Fox TV said, why didn't she deny those rumours of Obama's Islamic baby eating ceremonies and gas chambers for those telling the truth about socialisms imposed by climate change lies....

JP: Buff - did you actually meet with Joe Biden?

BS: Yes.

JP: So what did he say?

BS: er... he said... hmm - Obama.... ah... change.... Nope its gone

JP: So you can't remember anything about Democratic policy on the Olympics?

BS: er.... did you know I've got my mum glasses just like Sarah's! Only cost $700!

JP: Sorry about that folks - we'll have to prompt BS to go out there again to find out the truth

BS: Yes! I can get to see HER again!

JP: Oh my God! You don't mean to say that Buff is....

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