Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sailing Expert Advises Republicans!

Howdy folks, its Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Well ol' JP has his feet up with what those limies call a bit of a lurgy so its up to yours truly to take over and post on his behalf. Don't worry, JP, there's no need to hurry back - just you rest!

Well I've been out and about reporting on sailing and the US elections and boy has it been a whirl-wind of a ride! And that was before the financial markets tanked causing all sorts of casualties even in the normal placid world of sailing.

Yes, that's right, even Tillerman has been affected, temporarily retiring to the bar for a pint or two of the amber nectar.

And why not -after all that's my natural home. And it was with tinnie in hand that I come up with my greatest ideas, and this was no exception.

What, I pondered after a couple of swift ones, could the US elections learn from sailing? Bingo - it came to me!

In a flash I rang the Republican contact I got at the convention and asked for Sarah. Alas she was too busy listening to talk, but her aide said he'd pass my message on and would get right back to me. Of course it would be a shame to leak what surely will become Republican strategy to the liberal media, but JP's hit count is surely too low to be of concern.

So my magic idea is this - bring in the idea of the race "discard" into the presidential election. Lets say you've got a problem - call it "troopergate" - or you can't remember how many houses you've got. Bit embarrassing isn't it?

However in the new Buff tactics you just call it your discard and with one bound you're free to go on the attack again!

And why stop there? The current election process with electoral college has come for some criticism, maybe for being too simple, so why not introduce a discard there? Each candidate counts up the votes it wins from each state and then discards one or more with the lowest votes! Think of the tactical opportunities there!

Yup, amazing or what! Buff, says I, give up this sailing writing lark and get a job as a GOP lobbyist!


the original maverick said...

So would you change the scoring system for the election to be like sailboat racing too, so that the presidential candidate with the lowest number of votes is the winner?

No, wait. We already did that in 2000.

Buff said...

OMG Maverick is that you! I so loved Top Gun I went to see it seven times!!

JP just doesn't get it - he says that movie glorifies war and that Kelly McGillis was the only good thing in it