Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bubbler Sunset

Its been pretty hard the last couple of weeks having a series of foot related ailments which meant could only watch from the river bank as others paddle and sail - particularly when the weather has been so good.

However the sight of this boat at sunset has helped lessen the blow.

Over the last week the river has had a noticeable, distinctive and rather strong smell. Now while the mud flats of old Father Thames are well know for their aroma, this has seemed a bit stronger and richer than usual.

And it might be no co-incidence that for the last three days in a row, i.e. including both weekend days, the famous Thames bubbler has been prowling up and down, pumping oxygen into the river around Putney Bridge ever day.

That's a lot of oxygen, lots of cost - the sort that isn't spent unless there is a real need.

So it might have been just as well that my battle scared multiply wounded foot didn't come in touch with river water however tempting were the sight of kayakers paddling off into the sunset.


Carol Anne said...

Gotta keep those lampreys alive.

JP said...

And it was out again yesterday making in four days in a row.

I'm told however that lampreys are very tasty