Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloud Collecting

A few weeks back I posted on Asparagus clouds and wondered how and why one would start a "Cloud Collection"?

Well that question was answered by this rather nice little interactive description of some of cloud collector Gavin Prector-Pinney's favourite clouds.

I was pretty impressed by his arguments that cloud watching is very democratic, as everyone has an equal seat, and also very personal, as cloud formations never exactly repeat.

So here are some of mine:


Annie said...

You may like to have a look at this series of photos taken last week in Sydney.


I wish I had taken some of them myself...

Corri said...

I love to take pictures of clouds. I love to look at them. I have a lot of cloud pictures and I think about that every time I take a new one and then I realize, it doesn't matter because the new one is different.

JP said...

Great Sydney sunset pictures!

I remember a few years ago seeing a great sunset from the end of the Opera House and the sky below the bridge was all reds, golds, and pinks - amazing. Alas pre digital days so don't have it easily to hand.

The sky is amazing - we spend far too long looking down and missing the world around us.

Annie said...

The night those were taken our side wall lit up to a wonderful golden orangey colour. Next time that happens I'm going to grab the camera, jump in the car and try to take some of my own.

Katinka said...

These are lovely - thanks for sharing them! :)

ps( did you ever play that game as a child where you imagine shapes in the clouds?)

JP said...

Of course!

ps ...and not just as a child :)